Why Everyone Needs to Consider Living in Trentino?

Italy is such a fascinating country, because there are so many unique areas that are rich in history, culture, delectable cuisine, tasty wines, and natural landscapes.  While any one of the areas would be wonderful places to live, many people are finding that Trentino intrigues them the most.

After all, who could possibly resist the views of the massive Dolomites mountain range, the seven national parks, and the colorful fields within the valleys?

Now, that isn’t to say that Italy, and Trentino, do not have their drawbacks when it comes to living there, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons in this area of the world!


One of the first things that everyone will notice when they arrive in Trentino is that each one of the buildings have been carefully maintained and preserved.  That is excellent news for those who are wishing to own their own property within this part of the country.  Yes, those same buildings may be old, they may all look the same, and most of them are small, but since they are so well-kept everyone knows it is worth the cost of the purchase price.

Plus, the best part of most of the accommodations in Trentino is that most of them are quite close by many of the historical and cultural attractions.  That means that no one will need to travel far to experience the past while living in the present in Trentino.

Anyone that likes being out on the town will love living in this area of Italy, because everyone always loves being out and socializing with friends and family.  The only exclusion to this is when the rain is pounding down in sheets or it happens to be snowing.  Therefore, unless it is doing one of those two things, everyone can be found wandering around the streets, sitting down to a delicious meal at a local restaurant, or venturing into a bar or club for an evening of dancing to the music.

While people do seem to eat out more in Trentino, family style meals are still common there.  Anyone that moves to Trentino will find that they are spending a lot of time at the local markets where they can pick up fresh produce and other foods for a lot less than they would anywhere else.  All the markets carry a massive selection of fresh vegetables and fruits, as well as meats and cheeses to serve for any meal.

Walking is the preferred way to get through the streets of Trentino, but those who do not wish to use their own two feet will find that the public transportation can easily get them to where they want to go.  The modes of public transportation are affordable and safe, although they might not arrive when they are supposed to.

Of course, anyone who moves to Trentino will find that they will need to learn a little of the Italian language at some point during their stay.  While many people in the area do speak some English, and the numerous expats speak English as well, there are times when communicating in Italian will be necessary.  The good news is that once a person learns that second language, they will be able to market themselves as a bilingual, which helps when trying to secure a dream job!

Thankfully, learning Italian as a second language is easy due in part to the locals who are always willing to help out someone new to the area.  The locals in Trentino welcome new arrivals with open arms and will ensure that they have plenty of opportunities to socialize during their time there.

Things to see…

There is plenty to see and do in Trentino, especially for those who want to be out in nature enjoying the sights and the sounds.  Everyone who lives there can get their exercise on the numerous trails that wander through the national parks and other terrain.  Along the way, hikers normally stumble upon large sparkling lakes, thundering waterfalls, and even massive gorges that lead down too far for the eyes to see.  Everyone will want to take their cameras along on their adventures, or they will risk missing the chance to capture some of the most beautiful areas of Trentino.


Living in Trentino

Although Trentino has some amazing places to see and things to do, many people choose to live there due to the area’s proximity to Switzerland and Austria.  Extraordinary day trips or even trips of longer durations can be done via train or other modes of transportation, which means that those who move to Trentino will find themselves learning about other cultures and countries as well.

No one needs to stay in the country that they have lived in all their life anymore, which is why so many people have chosen to move away and a find a place that they can relate to so much more.  Trentino is that destination for so many, so anyone who is considering a move in the future will want to at least visit and check it out for themselves.

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